Agriculture 2.0

-80% work
-90% water
100% Organic
Up to 1000 times more productive
The most profitable farming technique available

Agriculture 2.0

About Us

Agriculture 2.0

The project

We realize an agriculture that optimizes costs and maximizes yields, positive towards the environment and in total absence of chemical products. We are looking for farmers to create a network that allows the end customer to become a virtual farmer, buying future plants directly from a biodiversity catalog.


The skills

The creation of an organic system in symbiosis between plants and fish requires various professional, engineering, biological, oceanographic, agronomic, shipbuilding and legal professionals to help the customer during the design, construction, installation and production phases.

Business cases

Each client is unique in his business needs and perspectives. Some examples of the projects already realized for our customers, can help to understand, the professionalism and the care, with which we give life to the productive necessities that are requested.

Cultivate out of the ground

Better a simple and fast system without nitrogen cycle, or an organic ecosystem that increases profitability?
Aquaponics is the most profitable cultivation technique that exists on the market.


The concept of plants that grow without land dates back to prehistoric times, think of...


Hydroponic cultivation means one of the cultivation techniques out of the ground...


Aeroponica arises from the need to move the fertilizer in space, not being able to use...



For those who want to create an idea, for those who want to diversify, for those who want to increase the profitability of the farm, we provide a large catalog of services

Market Analysis


What to sell, who to sell it, which fish to put in the plant and at what price. Careful analysis leads to a successful business plan.

Customer Analysis


Needs analysis, site survey, financial analysis. Careful customer analysis leads to its satisfaction and consequently to a functioning plant.

Industrial Aquaponics

Industrial aquaponics

Correct design to promote space optimization, maximize work efficiency, and combine cultivation techniques in aquaponics.



Execution of the bureaucratic procedure for the construction of the plant.
Execution and installation of carpentry, joinery, hydraulics, electrical and construction.



Which bacteria are present and at what temperature, what is the pH of the water and at what level are ammonium, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. We support customers daily to manage a performing ecosystem.



Become an entrepreneur, business plan, sales channels, verbal communication and online communication. Aquaponics is what it is and how it works.